TORI SMITH – About The Artist

I’ve been painting for a little over a decade, focusing mainly on aspects of the urban landscape. My current paintings depict a ubiquitous element in our landscape: the trucks, diggers and other construction equipment that tear up, build, and rebuild our world.

My interest in painting machinery was spurred by my twin boys’ fascination with every construction site we passed. Gradually I became intrigued by the colourful muscularity and the visual complexity of these machines. By creating compelling portraits of heavy machinery, I hope to engage viewers in new ways of seeing these workaday objects so central to our environment. Ironically, my kids have moved on to other interests, but I’m still staring at the big machines that both shape our urban landscape and are always a part of it.

I have studied painting at the Manchester Institute of Art in New Hampshire and the Art Gallery of Ontario Studio School. Currently I am studying at Project: Art in downtown Toronto.